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Discover the secrets of a top writing career, so you can make $200 an hour
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Learn and earn: write to sell -- use your passions
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Write your life: you already have everything you need for a wonderful writing career
Fab Frelance Writing Ezine has been helping you to build a great freelance career for five years. I've long promised you a confidential "pro" supplement. Now it's here.
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Hi Fellow Writer

Every writer starts at zero. Your skills improve with every word you write, as long as you keep learning.

These days, that learning is a challenge. It shouldn't be. After all, there are endless books, websites and blogs showing you how to write.

Yes, they help. The world's changing very quickly however. How do YOU learn exactly what YOU need to know to thrive today, and tomorrow?

Too many writers are writing for content factories, churning out endless content for minimal pay. They see advertisements for "writing jobs", and imagine that this is all there is to a freelance career... they don't understand that real editors and other buyers of your writing never advertise.

So these writers stick with "jobs" which are wringing them dry.

Your "writing jobs" are juicing you like a lemon

If you're currently tapping your fingers to the bone on your keyboard, that's OK. Over my 30 years as a writer, I've taken many, many writing jobs just to survive too.

Sometimes it's necessary. And, if you remember WHY you're doing this, and commit to getting ditching the junk work as soon as you can, these mock-jobs can teach you something. (Not to sell yourself too cheaply, for a start.)

BUT... The problem with sweat-shop writing is that it catches up with you. You burn out. Once that happens, you've lost your entire income. Maybe even your career.

It takes a long while to come back from burnout.

I've gone through it. It's not pleasant.

It's time to leap out of the writing ghetto and stay out: you need to discover how top professional writers think, and model their processes, so you can attract top high-paying clients.

High-paying clients are out there, but they don't advertise

Here's a simple formula: advertisements = junk jobs.

That is, any writing job which is advertised equals sweat shop writing.
You need to find those jobs which are NEVER advertised.

Once you realize that, you'll turbo-charge your writing career.

I'm sure you're thinking that that's all very well, but how do you find those unadvertised gigs?

You start thinking like a professional writer.

Think like a professional writer

I've been writing for over 30 years. It took me at least 15 years to realize that most writers are bait fish in a pool of sharks. I was naïve, to put it mildly.

Chances are that you're a little too trusting too. It's natural. Most writers start out idealistic and completely naïve. Most are badly burned too, before they become street-wise, happy, and confident – before they realize the value of their words.

Yes, sooner or later, writers understand that their words are valuable, and that they deserve to profit from them.

Your words, your profit

It's easier than you think. It starts with your mindset.

I coach many writers each year. I can tell when they're ready to make a six-figure income from their words. They're ready as soon as they realize that others are making a great deal of money... and where were they, when the page was blank?

If you're coming to this realization too, you have a treat in store.

Introducing Fab Freelance Writing Pro: Make $200 and more an hour from your writing

Fab Freelance Writing Pro is your companion on your writing journey.
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It's inspiring

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Discover how a top professional writer thinks
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Learn all the secrets of writing more, and getting paid more
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Learn how to manage clients -- and yourself
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Learn how to create a portfolio which will make clients eager to hire you
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Discover 10 vital and easy ways to get more value from every word you write
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Are you earning enough? Discover how much the best writing gigs pay
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Learn what buyers are looking for: What subject areas are hot? How can you make yourself irresistible to editors?

It's practical

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Read my confidential notebooks: I share my thoughts, so you can take advantage of confidential opportunities.
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Learn how to conceptualize, and take your writing to the next level.
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Learn how proposals work.
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Learn how to find ideas which sell.
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Complete tasks and challenges to excite you and keep you motivated.
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Get TOP SECRET information you'll find nowhere else.

Bi-weekly, always a surprise

No set format: you receive hard-hitting chats, tutorials, idea starters, hot keyword lists, and helpful programs I've discovered and present to you. Each issue is different, each issue boosts your confidence and your skills.

Get the tools, and learn the processes, to become prolific and successful.

Have fun with everything you write. The key to writing success is enjoyment – you'll discover how to make writing fun, and keep it fun, while making money.
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Early readers of Fab Freelance Writing Pro have said...

"I love Fab Freelance Writing Ezine. It's the highlight of my writing week. Angela, you've taken me from a wimp to a pro writer. Thanks for asking me to test-drive the first PRO issue -- it's great. Fantastic ideas I'm putting into action right now. Can't wait for Issue 2." MARK S. USA

"I'm a Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) Graduate student, and SYWON is the best investment I've ever made. I read the ezine hungrily each week -- inspiring. Fantastic value in the PRO edition." GEORGE T. UK

Beginner or pro, Fab Freelance Writing Pro makes your life easier

Every couple of weeks (or more often, depending on what I have to share with you) you'll receive a message from me.

The messages are directly relevant to what's hot and working for writers right now.

If you're a beginning writer, you'll avoid traps and pitfalls. If you're an established writer, you'll find dozens of ways to increase your income over the course of a year – and you'll discover ways to make writing fun too.

My aim in Fab Freelance Writing Pro is to help you to have the most fun, and make the most money you can from your words.

You receive secret, confidential information

Thousands of writers have received Fab Freelance Writing Ezine since 2006. I know that the information has taken writers from minimal, or no pay, to making wonderful incomes.

Unfortunately I censor myself in the ezine. I never mention projects and sites I'm working on, because I don't know who's reading.

That's always bothered me. I enjoy sharing. :-)

In Fab Freelance Writing Pro, you get it all – uncensored, my latest and best information.

All I ask is that you keep the material confidential. Please don't share it with others. It's for your eyes only.

What you receive in Fab Freelance Writing Pro

In Fab Freelance Writing Pro you receive messages at least twice a month, occasionally more often.

There's no set format. You receive messages in your email, with links to other material.

Bi-weekly, depending on what's happening, you may receive:

* Messages in plain text or PDF;

* Tutorials and how-to guides;

* Idea starters for articles and blog posts;

* Hot keyword lists;

* Programs which are free for you to download and use;

* Hot markets;

* Tips and instructions;

* Excerpts from new writing guides I'm developing; and

* One free consultation a month.

Memberships are limited...

As you know, I provide consultations with most of my guides, including Fab Freelance Writing Pro.

This means that memberships must be limited, because there's only one of me. :-)

Depending on the number of members, and what they need, I'll be closing Fab Freelance Writing Pro to new members intermittently.

When memberships are closed, I'll remove the subscription button. Therefore, if you feel that this program would benefit you, please subscribe as soon as you can.

Payment is monthly. You can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

Incredible value: top-secret confidential information from a top copywriter, who's been writing for 30 years -- how much would you expect to pay?

In Fab Freelance Writing Pro, I share information which I usually only share with my coaching students, at $1000 a month.

Yes, you'll receive a full $1000 in value, because this is information I certainly can't share publicly. You can ask any questions you choose. (I just ask you to limit your messages to twice a month.)

You receive:

* Messages twice a month, containing information you MUST know, if you want to develop a lucrative full-time writing career; and

* Coaching from me -- ask questions twice a month, get specific responses to for any changes you have...

How much would you expect to pay?

I won't be charging you $1000 a month, or anywhere near that.

I won't even been charging you $97 a month... even though it would be incredible value....

Please be aware that I WILL be increasing the fee to at least $47 a month shortly...

How your subscription works

Issues are available for one month; you'll receive the two latest issues on subscription, plus a new issue every two weeks as long as you maintain your subscription.

(Issues are removed after a month, so please download as soon as you can.)

Available now

Issue 59: Increase Your Writing Income -- Become an Advertising Consultant

Issue 60: Social Media Mastery for Writers

Issue 61: Get Motivated!
WIth Issue 59, you receive a 6-video series showing you how to ensure a constant flow of traffic to your client's websites. You'll no longer be simply a "writer", you'll be your clients' online advertising consultant.
Essential reading and viewing -- don't miss it. Subscribe today, and boost your income within days (or even hours.)
WIth Issue 60, you receive two PDF ebooks which will help you to master social media. Included are case studies, and exercises. There's also a cheat sheet, so you can assess the benefits of a network like Twitter or LinkedIn at a glance. Discover how you can brand yourself as a writer, while having fun.
Essential reading and viewing -- don't miss it. Subscribe today, and boost your income within days (or even hours.)
We all have off days. With issue 61, you receive a package of ebooks and resouces which will keep you motivated. Eliminate the BLAH -- get fired up!
Essential reading and viewing -- don't miss it. Subscribe today, and boost your income within days (or even hours.)

$27 per month

INSTANTLY download all three issues above, and receive 2 more issues each month

DOWNLOAD the above issues immediately; you'll receive a new issue every 2 weeks.

Your secure payment is via PayPal.

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Need help? You can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy the program -- I had lots of fun creating it for you, and you'll have fun putting the info into action. :-)


Angela Booth

Questions? You can contact me at any time.