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The Web is hungry for your words:
Content will always be king -- discover the secrets of the words which make the most money for you;
Beyond SEO:
Get in on the ground floor of the NEW Web writing jobs -- write what's in demand, now;
Want to quit your day job?
Web content creators write where and when they please.
If you're looking for a new writing career, and want to make a top income, read on. Freelance writing is changing fast, content creators are sought after, and are paid well.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

Creating Web content has been the mainstay of my writing business since 1998. It's highly profitable, as long as you stay ahead of the pack. To do this, you need insight into how the Web works, who wants content, and how they use it.

For many years, until 2008, "content" on commercial Web sites meant informational articles, press releases, and promotional and sales material. Since Google's collection of Panda and Penguin updates, that's no longer the case. These days, "content" means "how do I get traffic without relying on Google?"

Traffic used to be easy. Write articles for a bunch of keywords, and call it good. That's no longer enough, if it ever was. These days, old-fashioned marketing is at the forefront.

Businesses and publications need to connect with, and satisfy their audiences. This means that websites are becoming media rich. In addition to text content, they use audio and video, as well as infographics and the like.

Indeed, one of the most popular forms of content marketing is video marketing. Few writers are diving into creating media-rich marketing materials to date.

That's why I've created this new product -- to get you up to speed, so you can cash in -- get ahead of the pack now.

Content beyond SEO: write it, and turn your words into cash

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important -- the search engines are indexing scripts after all -- companies and publications are looking to social media, and rich content, to get traffic.

They need writers who are up to speed on these topics. So savvy Web writers are becoming content creators. They're creating Facebook and Google+ pages, Twitter campaigns, writing video scripts, writing local content, and much more.

Although "articles" are still the foundation of Web content -- even video scripts start off as articles -- you need to be able to present your information as rich media.

My writing students who are developing rich media are making more money per word -- $1 a word, and more. I want this for you, too.

If you're thinking that this sounds complicated, it's not. Even beginning writers can do well in this new world.

If you can write, you can write for the Web

All these changes are making many otherwise competent Web writers nervous. They feel as though they need to learn an entirely new set of skills.

That's not so. You simply need to adapt to the new environment.

I've been designing programs for my students, using my own products. I've decided to do the same for you, by creating a complete package, with everything you need to become a highly paid Web content creator.

Introducing: Web Content Creator: Dominate the Web -- a complete package in content creation

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Everything you need to become a highly paid, confident Web content creator.

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Video marketing, most of the tools are free:
As a Web content creator, you need to be up to speed on videos. Few writers are. You don't need to create videos yourself. You need to see how it's done, so you can write scripts. (They're just articles with dialogue.) The pay is exceptional;
My complete article writing process to write a powerful article in 20 minutes or less:
Articles will always make money. Only the ways in which they're used have changed. If you can write articles FAST, you have the keys to the content kingdom;
How to eliminate fear, doubt and procrastination. Feel comfortable writing ANYTHING:
Writing anything is easy, once you have a process. You can write anything you like -- make a six-figure income;
How to generate Web content ideas which sell:
There's a tsunami of content washing over the Web. You need a constant flow of ideas. Just ONE powerful idea can make you thousands of dollars;
Why old-style SEO no longer works:
Use new-style SEO to benefit your clients. When you use what works, you'll get repeat business from your clients -- become booked solid, with a waiting list;
The fun of short reports:
Make money in 60-minutes or less. Short reports are powerful in the age of rich media Web content. Combine them with video marketing for a constant flow of income;
How to use Twitter:
Web content creators use Twitter and other social media tools to get traffic. Your Web content clients expect you to be a Twitter pro. This is easier than you think. Get known as a writer: you won't need to go looking for writing jobs, they'll come to you;

Become a Master Content Creator: Here's What's Included in Your Comprehensive Package

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Complete Course in Video Marketing
21 videos, from three to six minutes long, $97 value

This course covers the basics of video marketing, as well as how to use video marketing to: create commercials for companies, create videos for customer service, create videos to enhance ebooks, and much more.

The series is wonderful for both new, and established writers: it gets you up to speed quickly.

Basic information includes getting started with free tools, selecting video keywords, getting started with YouTube, and creating on-camera videos.

As a writer, you'll primarily focus on writing video scripts. However, this course includes on-camera techniques too.

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Article Dynamite: Make $100,000 a Year Writing and Selling Articles
PDF guide, with videos and templates, $67

Writing articles can be very profitable, if you know what you're doing.

It can be disastrous if you don't -- you'll end up in a writing ghetto.

Discover how you can make writing articles work for you, and turn it into a fantastic, fun career.

More information here. Please return to this page after reading.

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Write It, Sell It: Sizzling Success in 60 Minutes or Less -- Fast Money from Easy Short Reports
PDF, 80 pages, $27 value

This guide includes complete instructions, and a tutorial.

PLUS three other PDF tutorials (25 pages) so that you have all the information you need to write and sell, today.

More information here. Please return to this page after reading.

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Easy-Write Process -- helps you write everything
PDF, 59 pages, $47 value

Web writers, bloggers, novelists, authors, article writers… It's easy. It will work for you.

The Easy-Write Process takes just a short time to learn. From then on, it's a matter of using it. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. For the first time, you'll be working in perfect partnership with your subconscious mind, to become the writer you were meant to be.

More information here. Please return to this page after reading.

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Twitter for Writers: Achieve Writing Success 25 Words at a Time
103 pages, PDF. Twitter headers. $47 value.

Become a Twitter content pro in just 7 days.

Tweeting is an essential skill for Web content creators.

Get up to speed, so that you can make the most of Twitter for yourself, and for your clients.

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Profitable Idea Generation for Web Content
60-minute video; slide deck. $27 value.

Generate ideas for profitable Web content. You'll discover how to generate salable ideas, for your own products like ebooks, video courses, membership sites. You'll also discover how to generate ideas your clients will love, and for which they'll pay well.

If you've ever been stuck for ideas, you need this video.

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SEO Mythbusting
2 PDFs, infographic. Value $27

Get up to speed on SEO now. The easy days of search engine optimization have long gone, thanks to Google's Panda and Penguin updates.

However, an understanding of SEO is still vital for a successful career as a Web content creator.

Use your SEO skills to make money for yourself, and for your clients.
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Coaching included

As with all Angela's programs, coaching is included, because writers are at many different levels of experience.

You receive 15 minutes of coaching, a $75 value. Coaching is via email. Julia will send you a questionnaire -- it's short. :-)

Once I know what your goals are, I'll map out a personal program for you so that you achieve your goals.

What beta testers have said...

"Angela asked me to test this new program. I know videos are important, but I was really nervous... Three clients later, I LOVE video. I charge five times as much for a video script as I do for articles." Alyson P. USA
"Thanks Angela, another great program. [I have] confidence to take on big clients. I'm pitching more... my waiting list is now three weeks." Hellmut D. Germany
"My wife and I have a baby coming. I had to get a second job. Angela encouraged me to try this new program. Web content creation is now my new profession... [I charged my latest client] almost $5,000 for content for his new online store." Courtney V. UK

Web content creation is HOT: get up to speed NOW

Web Content Creator: Dominate the Web gives you a complete package in content creation.

I designed it for you, so that you can stay ahead of the writing pack. Help your clients to succeed by giving them what they need, and you'll succeed too.

We'll be covering the new world of Web content creation on the freelance writing blog. This program is your foundation.
Offering: Time Limited
Get up to speed on content with our very special offering. Ends on August 2. Enjoy. :-)

Buy now



(Limited time offering)

Payment via PayPal -- safe and secure, instant download

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Payment via card -- safe and secure, instant download

Payment is easy. if you meet any challenges during the process (people access the Web on many different devices, with various operating systems), please get in touch. We'll fix. :-)

Download immediately on payment; the package comprises videos and PDFs and is 300MB.

See the free software list below if you're on a Windows machine. I recommend both Download Accelerator Plus and the VLC Media Player.

IMPORTANT: Must-have software if you're on a Windows machine
If you're on a Windows machine, life is complicated, especially when you download videos.

If you're on Windows, I encourage you to download and install the following software. It's free software, and it will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
Download Accelerator Plus.

* Unzip -- free

* A free PDF reader

Foxit Reader.

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
VLC free open source media player.
Angela Booth
Coaching is included...

Need help? Not only do you receive 15 minutes of coaching via email, but you can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy the package -- I had lots of fun creating it for you, and you'll have fun putting the info into action. Once you're familiar with the program, book your coaching.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.